Put the orchid on a light place. Preferably at the south-facing window. In summer the sun is too bright, then place the orchid at the window on the west/east.

The ideal temperature is between 16-22 ° C. If the orchid has finished, it needs to rest at a slightly cooler place to make new shoots.

Once a week give water [100 ml] by immersion in lukewarm water, or give water with a plant sprayer or watering can. It is important to let dry the soil and let the residual water to drain. The roots of the orchid are very sensitive to water.

Once a month give a little fertilizer. The best you can use for this is a special orchid fertilizer. In winter use a smaller amount.

Bloom again
After flowering cut the flower branch and give the plant a few weeks to rest: during this rest give a little less water and put it in a cooler spot. Then place the orchid in a warmer environment so a new shoot can grow. This new shoot is to bloom again from August/September.

After 1.5 to 2 years it is usually necessary to repot the orchid.


Most orchids can be outside in the spring and summer . Note well the outdoortemperature can drop, specially in the evening. The temperature should not drop down below 9 ◦ C or come above 25 ◦ C. Almost all orchids bloom several times a year.

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